Thursday, 17 November 2016

Top 3 Ways to Change Your Life’s Circumstances

Everyone wants to be happy

It’s hard to live a life without happiness. I don’t know a single person that can say they honestly don’t want to be happy. The sad thing is, that most people I know aren’t that happy at all. Their life circumstances have led them down the road to Bum Ville and they can’t find their way out.
What do you do? How do you get out of the gutter when life knocks you down? If you want to find the best route to Happy Town, you need to make some changes in your life. The problem with most of us, is life makes it hard to make any changes. Be it the daily grind of our everyday life, the constant stress put on us by trying to pay the bills, the health issues that plague many of us, losing someone we love, or simply trying to get by. Life is tough for so many of us.
You see, life gives us the opportunity to advance our lives by pushing us to do so. Nature does this by, to us appears as suffering, so that we find a way to move forward out of that state. We are constantly going through inner states of progression. When we are not progressing, we feel suffering and need to keep moving forward.
The need to feel happy is the desire that keeps us moving in the direction. The problem is that when we reach a point of happiness in our lives, we get comfortable and our inner progress slows. If you ever notice that when things start to go well, something usually comes up that brings difficulty or suffering to your life. This is because you have slowed your progress.

Of course, I don’t expect you to take my word for it. You should just experiment with it and you will soon see. There are some ways to keep the progress moving. I’ll give you 3 very attainable methods to change your circumstances. If you do end up changing your life and learn the reasons why you suffer, you will suffer less. Just knowing that suffering is important for your life’s progress will make you feel a lot better. You just need to understand how to work with it.
1. Learn what your passions are
When you know what turns you on inside, you understand what your passions are. You can either look for them or they will eventually show themselves to you. It is what you are drawn too. Finding your passions and running with them will help you to progress much quicker and ultimately make you more happy.
2. Follow your Dreams
It’s cliche I know, but it is true. No more than you believe that follow your dreams is impossible, is it now more than ever attainable. By finding what you love and chasing after it in a way to make a comfortable life for yourself, you will open your mind and heart to progress far beyond your years.
The people that truly follow their dreams, do so not for money, power, or fame. They do it because it brings them fulfillment. Once you have it, you are content with your own life and will start to learn what it means to give. The most important aspect of life, whether you know it now or not, is to help others. It’s the connection with everyone else that needs to be fixed in order for true progress to happen.
So, chase your dreams, believe in the impossible, and help others.
3. Keep Moving Forward
You may or may not have seen this one coming, but if you didn’t, know that progress is always around the corner. Take advantage of it. Learn to recognize it within yourself and always keep moving forward. The day you stop progressing as a human, is the day suffering returns to your life.
I assure you, this is not a coincidence. It is the way nature operates. Always find ways to better yourself so that you can better others and the world around you. Doing what you love and helping others do the same. That’s true progress. That’s how you change your life’s circumstances.
Take Action
There is no better time than now to start your journey. Life is short and only so much can be done in this lifetime. Take action today. Start on your path to being the person you want to be. Become happy by achieving the impossible. Find fulfillment in your inner progress and your outer giving to others. Move forward to help create a future full of abundance for not only yourself, but for all of humanity.

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