Thursday, 22 December 2016

If you’re tired of starting over, DON’T QUIT!

How many times have you quit?

How many times have we been right around the corner from success but we  threw in the towel and quit before we got there? Look briefly at your past. (Just look, don’t stay there).
How many times have you quit a promising relationship, perhaps even a marriage? At the time you thought you had a valid reason  for leaving but later it proved to be false. You realized you’d made a very wrong decision that you still regret. You simply quit too soon.
How many times have you quit something that you wanted to do—an interest that you wanted to develop? Perhaps it was harder to learn than you anticipated and so you put it down and said,  “That’s enough.” Later you realized that if you had continued with it you could have turned it into something really enjoyable or profitable but you can’t go back now. The opportunity has passed you by. You quit to soon.
For those of you who are entrepreneurs, how many times have you started a new business that you walked away from too soon? Now you see those who “made it” and you realize you could have been successful if you had just persevered.
Many of us have done that.

Times to Quit

Don’t get me wrong. There’s times when you have to walk away. You have to walk away from abusive relationships and from projects you said “yes” to when “no” was the best answer and you realized  later it was absolutely wrong for you. You have to quit when you are in a business that you don’t have a passion for and find yourself and the business in a state of stagnation. You dread waking up to another day with it and you go to bed exhausted because of it.

Before you quit

Before you quit your relationship, a project, a business or whatever it is, you need to ask yourself some questions and be brutally honest with yourself.
  1. Did I give it everything I had?
  2. Did I learn everything I needed to learn  to do it right?
  3. Did I supply myself with the tools I needed to make it successful?
  4. Have I looked at the pros and cons of quitting? Have I written them down and reviewed them later?
  5. Have I sought the advice of someone whose judgement I trust in these matters?
  6. Will I be happier if I quit or if I stay and make it successful?
  7. What would it take to make me stay with it?
  8. IF I knew that success was right around the corner, would I do “whatever it takes” to make it or would I still make the decision to quit?
And we’ll end with the statement we started with, only this time in the form of a question: “If you’re tired of starting over, why quit?”

It is up to you to decide. 

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