Monday, 10 October 2016

5 Reminders There Is No Such Thing As Failure

I’d like to share the five most important lessons I’ve learned on my journey of self-discovery. My hope is that these lessons inspire and motivate you to overcome any adversity you may be experiencing in your life right now and to help you recognize that there really is no such thing as failure.
1. Remember that failure is not something that you are, it’s something that you’ve done.
Don’t do what I did. I beat myself up for all of the mistakes I made in life and believed that those mistakes made me a failure. The truth is there will always be times that you will not attain your desired result but that doesn’t mean you’re a failure.
2. Be willing to examine your religious beliefs that may have convinced you that you’re a sinner.
This is a tough one. There are some religions that teach you that you are a born sinner in a sinful world. If you accept this belief, at your core you will believe that something is wrong with you. Do not believe this. Challenge your beliefs about your religion and be willing to change them if needed.
3. Accept the truth that you are a wonderful human being with unlimited potential.
I believe this is true. Although you may make mistakes, you are not “a” mistake. Be willing to forgive yourself for the mistakes you may have made and learn to love and accept yourself for the amazing person that you are.
4. Take some time each day to express gratitude.
Take a moment everyday to simply write 5 things that you are grateful for. If you will do this for 21 days straight, I can promise you that your life will change for the better.
5. Take life sincerely but not seriously.
Take some time each day to laugh and appreciate the little things in life. Do not buy in to our negative media. There are lots of reasons to be optimistic about your life and about the world around you but it’s up to you to find those reasons. Find the reasons that bring you joy!
My hope is that you will take these five lessons and apply them to your life. If you will commit to following their guidance rest assured that you can overcome any adversity in your life.
So remember, “There is no such thing as failure, there is only the non-attainment of a desired result.” Though you may not attain your desired result you are not a failure and you can always recommit to attaining a different result.

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