Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Three Rules To A Healthier Life

The three golden rules that you need to follow and master to live a healthy and happy life are,
  1. Physiology and posture
  2. Focus of attention
  3. The lifestyle you lead
Life is a lot simpler than we make it, but instead of enjoying being ourselves and enjoying our lives, we get to bogged down with and too emotionally involved with, 
  • Our past bad experiences 
  • Worrying about the future
  • Other people and our external situations and circumstances 
  • Trying to be perfect 
  • Trying to control or reacting badly to things we cannot change
The foundations for a happy life are, bringing your mind and body into balance and a state of calm, because that's what truly matters, everything else is a bonus that you should cherish and enjoy.
The mind and body are linked. This means when you tense your body you will have tense thoughts, when you slump you will have sad and insecure thoughts.
The biggest enemy that anybody can have in life, is having tension in the mind and tension in the body.
The ideal body posture could be described as standing, sitting and moving efficiently with the least amount of tension and effort.
The state where you and your body are in the flow state where your body is ticking over at its most efficient peak performance state.
Because this is where all your true powers can be found and your hidden genius can be accessed, you will think more clearly and positively and you will have less of those fear reactions and negative heavy emotions.