Saturday, 8 October 2016

Become the better version of Yourself

Become a better you.

Despite the overbearing personal development plunge I dove into a few years back, it still changed a ton of habits I used to have and I still carry those habits with me daily. 
As much as I annoyed people with my gym pictures and motivational quotes, I still formed good, solid habits and held myself accountable for the things I was doing. Today, I still go to the gym regularly because I know how beneficial it is to exercise. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I've been down the road that shows how much something as simple as exercise can change your life for the better.
It's great to pursue things that benefit yourself, because it benefits you and your future. If you want a better life for yourself, you have to start by bettering yourself. Continuing to do the same thing every single day is not going to change anything.
The more you invest in yourself, the better it feels too. You start noticing that you're in a better mood, you feel better about yourself, you feel more confident. It's virtually never-ending. 

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